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1952 Class Photo of swimmers in the Spafford Hall pool

Family Photo_1965.pdf
Clark Swisher joined Northern as a teacher and head coach of football, basketball, and track in 1946. This picture is of him and three of his sons, who were students and football players at NSTC.

Back: Steve Swisher
Middle: (L to R) Joel…

Barnett Center_Construction_1986_001.pdf
Barnett Center Construction

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad Depot at Kimball, South Dakota

Two girls sitting in a dorm room in Lindberg Hall

A photo of boys raising the flag at Boy's State on Northern State's campus.

Scenes from the play "Branch of a Pear Tree". Cecil Monroe, Aberdeen; Joe Riley, Watertown; Melvin Glerup, Selby; Geraldine Robison, Rapid City; Roland Loomis, Aberdeen

The Exponent v. 44 #2, reporting the election of Robert Lloyd Hughes as Gypsy Days Marshal.

real people.pdf
Page from the 1981 Pasque yearbook documenting the human domino rally event for Gypsy Days week. The event was organized by drama professor Richard Norquist and the completed rally was videoed and aired on the popular television series "Real People…

A page from the 1974 Pasque yearbook describing the powderpuff games that took place between Northern State College and Presentation College
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