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The following story describes early-day life in Eureka and the surrounding area was taken from an article in Harper's Weekly of July 11, 1896, and submitted to the American-News by Ted Straub. Article is yellowed and mounted on white cardboard.

Black and White photograph. Written in white ink on lower center of photograph "Menner Chore Eureka, SD."

White receipt with both German and English writing. Amount for $46.82 is written on form. Receipt is discolored and contains a vertical and horizontal fold markings.

Newspaper article from the Dakota Farmer. "To Dakota Farmer: When Archimedes dashed down main street of Syracuse in his birthday clothes shouting "Eureka! Eureka!" (I have found it! I have found it!), he little realized that 2,100 years later a…

Sepia tone photograph on a white frame. Below photograph written in blue ink "Threshing grain near Eureka 1888 or 1889. William & Pauline Haggard Rabb (sitting side saddle on horse)." Photograph contains stains on the upper right corner.

One stock share of the Farmers Mutual Telephone Exchange to Julian Wittmayer. Certificate is creased vertically down the center.

Manilla Certificate with black lettering. Certificate No. 323 signed by President William McKinley to Jakob Jung. Certificate has a crease that runs vertically down the center.

Copy of Declaration of Intention signed by Chrstian Schaible for citizenship into the United States.

Sepia tone photograph mounted on manilla cardboard. Above photograph written in blue ink "Eureka Bank". Below photograph written in Blue ink "Chas Pfeffer" written in blue ink "Russian Father". Photograph is dirty and scratched.

Newspaper clipping from the Dakota Farmer page 374. Clipping contains four photographs and is tapped to white tag board. "Hilarity reigned. And we were laughing just as heartily as were the other 500 people who stepped out of a special train into the…
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