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Check out our September Photo of the Month featuring the freshman beanie!

Check out the October Photo of the Month featuring the Gypsy Queen's crown!

Check out this echo of Northern's gound's past- the Spafford Hall swimming pool!

The Messiah was a tradition deeply rooted in the beginning of the school.

January 2014.pdf
The central building fire was a major event in the University's history.

February 2014.pdf
The Sweetheart Queen is one of the past forgotten queens in Northern's history.

March 2014.pdf
The Industrial Arts program was once so large it was apart of Northern's name: Northern Normal and Industrial School.

april 2014.pdf
Northern at one point had greenhouses on campus.

September 2014.pdf
There were more newspapers than the Exponent on campus. Most of them were unofficial papers produced by students.

October 2014.pdf
Read how the former Huron College battled it out with Northern during Gypsy Days.
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