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The NSU Marching Wolves Banner on the Parade Route

NSU Marching Wolves and SD National Legislators standing in front of the United States Capitol Building

WH Memo003.jpg
A Memo from George W. Bush, thanking the Marching Wolves for their participation in the 55th Inaugural Parade.

SD Legislature Commemoration004.jpg
A Legislative Commemoration from the South Dakota Legislature congratulating the NSU Marching Wolves on their selection to the Inaugural Parade.

Inauguration Invitation001.jpg
An invitation from the Presidential Inaugural Committee to the Marching Wolves. This invitation officially made it possible for the NSU Marching Wolves to go to D.C. and march in the parade.

Inauguration Certificate002.jpg
A Certificate that thanks the NSU Marching Wolves for their service to the United States and the President of the United States.

Aberdeen Proclamation005.pdf
This offical proclamation, made by Aberdeen Mayor Mark Leveson, congratulates the NSU Marching Wolves on their selection to march in the 55th Presidential Inaugural Parade. The proclamation gives the Marching Wolves $5,000 to cover expenses.

Barnett Center_Construction_1986_001.pdf
Barnett Center Construction
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