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Two unidentified female students decorate a small Christmas tree in their dorm room.

A float in the Gypsy Day parade by the Gypsies Trail urging students to vote for gypsy king and queen.

1932-33 Northern State Teacher's College football team with coaches and a child.

Head Freshman Orientation 1958 L-R 1. Carl Rogers, Jim Boullion, Jim Olson, Gerald Cutshaw, Jon Wade, Maurice Darsett, Charles Geboe, Tobias Moran, Don Doyle, Herbert Helm, Terry Jordre, Jim Baer 2. Donna Gerdes, Jane Arithson, Mary Gay Tonner, Janis…

Two women dressed as Valentines at the Valentine's Ball

Keith Koerner being pied at freshmen orientation by Norvall Kendall of Custer.

Students practicing archery on the campus green.

Individual Photo002.pdf
A photograph of Cecil E. Harris during his service. Cecil E. Harris was the navy's second-highest-scoring ace in World War II. Born in Faulkton, South Dakota, he attended Northern State in the 1930s. There is a statue of Cecil Harris at Northern…

Students' studying in the NSTC Library when it was in the Central Building
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