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"N" Club members in Spafford Hall gym, January 1958. Lower Left: Bob Hanson, Bob Dubs, Jim Edwards, Butch Krein, Charles Kretchman, LeRoy Tuskien, Gary Heppels, Winfield Delle Frank Bohall, Dale Huber, Rich Hansen, Jim Lay, Harry Marske, Ed Miller,…

real people.pdf
Page from the 1981 Pasque yearbook documenting the human domino rally event for Gypsy Days week. The event was organized by drama professor Richard Norquist and the completed rally was videoed and aired on the popular television series "Real People…

A program for the beloved play "The Gypsy Rover", which was performed at almost every Gypsy Camp in the 20's. It is embellished with the Gypsy Woman logo and red lettering describing the actors and play format.

N photo 1950s.jpg
Northern Students show their school pride by positioning themselves in the formation of an N.

[15] '89-'90_002.mp4
The 1989-1990 Men's Basketball season highlight video.

[16] '94 NSU Men's BB highlights.mp4
The Northern State University Men's Basketball team's 1993-94 season highlights.

[19] 1986-87 highlites.mp4
The 1986-87 Men's basketball season highlights video.

[20] 1994 recruit hilite tape smw.mp4
The 1994 highlight tape used during recruitment of players.

[26] 1995 Wolves Basketball highlights.mp4
The 1995 Men's Basketball season highlights video.
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