NSU Marching Band in Washington D.C.

After the 2004 election President George W. Bush came out the victor to claim a second 4 year term. Part of the festivities of naming a successor to the presidency is the inauguration. The inauguration includes the official swearing in and a parade.

The Northern State University Marching Wolves were invited to march in the parade. This collection contains documents and photos from the event that focus on the Marching Wolves.

Inaugural Parade Invitation

The Inaugural Parade is a prestigious event that requires an invitation to be a part of. Selection is made by the Presidential Inaugural Committee after the submission of an application from an interested organization. Once selected, the committee sends you an invitation informing the organization of the selection and what you should do in the days leading up to the event.

Boyd Perkins received this invitation as part of the proceedings for the 55th Inauguration. the NSU Marching Wolves were on the path to D.C. and the national stage.

South Dakota Legislative Commemoration

After the selection of the NSU Marching Wolves to go to Washington D.C., The South Dakota State Legislature commemorated the history and significance of the Marching Band. The document explains the history of the Marching Band. It also acknowledges the fact that the Marching Wolves were the only band from South Dakota for the 55th Inaugural Parade.

The NSU Marching Wolves received support, moral and financial, from an array of sources.

Aberdeen Proclamation

Financial and moral support came from the Aberdeen, South Dakota mayor, Mike Leveson. Mike Leveson gave the NSU Marching Wolves a $5,000 donation to cover the $65,000 needed to make the trip with 140 students. The rest required fund raising efforts.

D.C. Photos

Before marching in the parade, the NSU Marching Wolves met with South Dakota Representatives and Senators on January 19th. The day of the parade, January 20th, the band lined up and took the path proudly representing NSU, South Dakota, and the Marching Wolves.

George Bush Thank-you Memo

Even after the inauguration and parade had passed, the NSU Marching Wolves were receiving documents and thank yous for their work. This White House Memo comes from President George W. Bush in April after the inauguration. It thanks the NSU Marching Wolves for their service to the United State of America and the state of South Dakota.

Certificate from the Inaugural Committee

The first commendation came from the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee. The certificate was given to the Northern State University Marching Wolves on the 20th of January. Major General Galen B. Jackman was the commander of the joint task force that gave the NSU Marching Wolves this certificate.